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My wife calls me the "MAD ARTIST". I try to be a kind soul and lend an understanding ear to one whom might need a listener. Quiet unless provoked, creating, designing, wood working, faux finishing, playing piano and guitar, standing in a crystal clear mountain stream and drinking coffee on our back deck on mornings as our yard of gardens comes to life. Creating has been my escape from reality for about 35 years now. I hope I have brought happiness and joy to those my art has appeared before. To not to be motivated by money has its ups and downs on an economic level. One as myself does what they must to survive in an economic society; but only to be able to create and know that feeling of, "I have placed something in this world that otherwise would have never existed" motivates me. A small home of gardens and art. Little animals here and there with the ever present furry friends, some call dogs but ours are actually members of my family. It dosn't take much to make me happy. My wife, Sherry and I have enjoyed our little world and since we have met all of you out there, we get to play with our paints, listen to and make music, plant our flowers and gardens, listen to nature as our fountain endlessly trickles in the background, and through the persistance and hard work of my wife, have been selling on line for 10 years at RonByrum.com . What more could I ask the universe for? I say to all of you, "Thank you for making my life as it exists today. Only through your support has it been made possible". I hope you enjoy your visit here and have a wonderful morning or evening, which ever you are enjoying at this moment, Ron

Saturday, January 15, 2011

An Open Mind

It has been my experence that there are so many different ways of looking at everything that no one person or institution has the unique knowledge or experence to insist that their perception is the only way a spiritual realm exist. My veiws have been opened to many dimensions of spirituality. It takes courage to change the belief we have been force fed from a position of fear that we might be punished for eternity if we do not believe in a certain way or idea. A rebel against popular belief can seem to be a lonesome place but as the light pierces through the smallest crack of a darkened room, light and warmth begins to fill the air. So to face the unknown and the darkened rooms of popular belief, a vast world of wonder and creative awareness begins to flow not only in you ,but through you.The glory of an open mind is an amazing power which can indeed move mountains. To carry that tiny light into those darkened rooms of stone age beliefs and join another with a tiny light of hope, the room begins to brighten. I believe we will one at a time enter the darkened rooms and become many and with much light to rid the darkness of hatred and judgment. We are one as a whole and will change the universe one light at a time. Ron.

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